Events  |  November 18, 2020

Virtual Events, Why You Should Hire an Event Planner...

But Before We Get Started, What Actually is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in an environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location.

Why Go Virtual?

Virtual events offer many benefits. They can bring employees and guests together from around the world, without the stresses of planning travel schedules. They are shorter, allowing busy employees to attend without disrupting their work schedules. They are also weather-resistant, environmentally friendly, and not limited by a venue size.

But best of all, virtual gatherings are a great way to increase employee morale and even productivity. Casual, fun gatherings help avoid burnout by engaging employees and guest in activities unrelated to their work and can forge unexpected relationships across all levels and departments.

Bridging the Disconnect

There is a disconnect between in-person and virtual events which is understandable because we naturally are social beings. Everyone has experienced an in-person event (or a live event as we event producers call it) on some scale. However, not everyone has experienced a virtual event. This is not to be confused with a webinar or team meeting.

Just ask any of your event attendees what comes to mind when they hear or think of an "online event" and they will be thinking of a static, webinar-type session where they are staring at a computer screen listening to a presenter all the while thinking about their to do list for tomorrow!

Video Conference vs Virtual Event, What's the Difference?

What differentiates the same old video conference or webinar from a virtual event? It is the professional management, the event experience, attendee engagement, and the post event experience! You read that right! A virtual event does not end when the camera turns off or the chat room closes, there is a post event engagement opportunity to talk about. That is where our event team comes in. At Event Group Houston we specialize in experiences.

The Planning

The details and planning involved in coordinating these virtual experiences are no different than a traditional event, often taking as much time to plan as in-person events with budgets, timelines, entertainment, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, marketing, audiovisual production, enhancements, etc. The only things that have changed are the locale, the venue now becomes a virtual event platform of choice, and the decision for doing a live virtual event vs. a pre-recorded virtual event becomes a question in the planning process. The sky is the limit when planning a virtual event.

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