Virtual Events

The notion that experiences are best shared in person may be true, however; we are changing that daily. Live events are and always will be our passion, but digitizing events, concerts, and meetings is an essential part of scaling the industry. Broadcasting an event to the global community has a valuable opportunity to share your message, build an audience and engage the masses. Our production staff can provide you state of the art tools and platforms to cohesively and seamlessly bring your events to the virtual world.

When Event Group plans your virtual experience, we can handle all elements including: 

Event Strategy

Defining what success looks like for your virtual event, and forging a path based on our best practices to get us there.

Platform Sourcing & Management

Guiding you to the right virtual platform based on your unique priorities and objectives and managing the entire platform process leading up to the event.

Technical Production

Overseeing virtual shows in their entirety, from tech assessments and speaker prep to rehearsals and event day.

Video Production

Providing a wide range of video recording or live stream solutions from basic to elaborate, with turnkey post-production editing capabilities in-house as well.

Experiential Enhancements

Integrating impactful physical or digital touchpoints to increase engagement, brand visibility, or both!

Multimedia Graphics

Designing an array of custom graphics and animation for web, event collateral, presentations, print, and more.

Audio-Visual Support

Identifying mediums and creative channels to help maximize sponsor value proposition within the format of your virtual event.

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